Captaincy closes the port to navigation in Mazatlan


According to the latest report of the National Meteorological System, rains and wind gusts will continue for the rest of the day in the Municipality, reports Civil Protection

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Because the weather conditions are not favorable, the Captaincy of Puerto de Mazatlan temporarily closed the navigation of smaller vessels, and restricted recreational activities, and water sports in the beach area, Eloy Ruíz Gastélum reported.

The Coordinator of Civil Protection in the Municipality, said that according to the latest report of the National Weather System, rains and gusts of wind will continue for the rest of the day in Mazatlan.

“There will be light rains, isolated, not considered, equal gusts of wind ranging from 15 to 30 kilometers per hour and for this reason all activity, water sports, and recreational activities is restricted by recommendations of the Captaincy of Port “, said.

In this regard, Civil Protection urged citizens to take their proper precautions, and be very aware of the official statements, and the recommendations issued by the competent authorities

Source: linea directa

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