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Meet Isabel, the only female bus driver in Mazatlan

Mazatlan.- Isabel Arce Tapia, 45, is known for being the only female driver of urban transportation buses in Mazatlan. She has been the driver of Águilas del Pacífico Motor Carrier since October last year.

Kindness, education and courtesy is what distinguishes Isabel in her work, as many of the passengers have recognized her for her polite treatment, which is not a common feature among bus drivers in Mazatlan.

Arce Tapia accepted that at first it can be difficult to drive a bus, “but it is a matter of getting used to the size and then, it becomes very simple.”

Águilas del Pacífico

Isabel’s day starts at 04:00 AM, when she prepares to go to work. She points out that to try to save money, she takes the bus herself, but sometimes she takes a taxi.

During the day she finds different challenges, including traffic, however, she assures that this does not represent an impediment to continue seeing things in a positive way, as it is something that has to be learned to deal with.

The time of arrival back home varies, as some days Isabel gets back home at 10:00 pm, and sometimes a little later.

Arce Tapia said she started as a driver in 2011, but after a short time she changed jobs and drove other type of vehicles for other companies.

Since she loves driving, Isabel has worked in private rental transport companies.

Águilas del Pacífico

Isabel pointed out that the main engine that encourages her to work as a driver is her three children, whom she had to raise alone.

They are older now, but at some point in time when they were younger, the three were going to school.

She also said that some days she ends up very tired, of moving the pedals and levers of the bus. However, what gives her yhe courage to keep working hard and move forward is the fact that her children feel proud of her.

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