There will be no more water shortage in Mazatlan


Municipal authorities inaugurated the 5000 tank, which will work alongside 4,200, and together they will collect 9 thousand cubic meters

The event took place on Tuesday Jan. 14th, in Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- For the Municipal Board of Water and Sewerage of Mazatlan to be better prepared in the event that there is a rupture of valves, pipes or other incident that could represent water shortages, the municipal government rehabilitated the water tank that is located in the Flores Magón neighborhood.

“This will benefit more than 300 thousand Mazatlecos that will have a supply of more than 9 thousand cubic liters next to the 4,200-liter tank, which was inaugurated on Tuesday in Mazatlan”, revealed the general manager of Jumapam, Ismael Tiznado Ontiveros.

“In case of some shortage generated by external reasons, we will have the capacity to endure more time supplying water to the city, because more or less 70 percent of the entire city is supplied from this source”, Ontiveros said .

Ismael Tiznado Ontiveros

He also informed that with this tank, more reservoirs for the city are enabled, as well as the supply necessary for future developers in the municipality.

Finally, the official added that an investment of 8.5 million pesos was used for the rehabilitation of this important part of the city’s infrastrucutre.

The Mazatlan Post