Mazatlan Golden Zone merchants in uncertainty over modernization of Camarón Sábalo Avenue


The tender for the work will open on Tuesday, January 14

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Just on Saturday, the modernization of Camarón Sábalo Avenue was confirmed and sellers in that area are already waiting for it.

The work will include a bike path to connect with Rafael Buelna and Avenida del Mar, so merchants rejected it.

“For the port it is fine, but for one not,” said Vicente, one of the merchants who is 15 with his souvenir business, and argued that they are constantly making repairs to that route, so visitors decide to leave to other places, which causes a pitiful decrease in sales.

“Add that everything is full of this type of business that we sell the same.” referred.

Pablo, another of the merchants, commented that he agrees with the project, but the adequate time for remodeling should be sought.

“I understand that they have to do it, but that they do it in the month of September when it is not high season, because if so it would be an infamous one.”

For its part, Claudia, one of the merchants, said that when they repaired the sidewalks in the area she had to close her trade during the work.

“They have already affected us several times, when the sidewalks, but in order to do what they want,” he said.

The tender for the great work will open on Tuesday, January 14.

Source: reaccion informativa, sol de mazatlan

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