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Mazatlan Historic Center Flood Prevention Works Begin

MAZATLÁN.- With the promise to eliminate flood problems in the historic center of Mazatlan forever, this Saturday will be the starting flag for the rehabilitation of the Roosevelt collector, which will be present by the state governor, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, and municipal authorities, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres reported.

The municipal president recalled that the budget for this work comes from the Metropolitan Fund, which means that it is an investment of the federal, state and municipal government.

“We are going to make the three collectors. To replace the Roosevelt, which is damaged and make two new ones. With this the floods of the City Center and the Historic Center will end forever ”.

Benítez Torres mentioned that he does not believe it is necessary to inject more money into this work, on which it is already budgeted, in what refers to the health network, but that the legal way of doing so will be sought if required.

“This work is going to be one of the most important for Mazatlan, because one of the most serious problems of the Historic Center is the flood, so this is the opportunity to transform it. We start on Saturday, the governor is accompanied by the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit (SAT). They come to give me the starting flag of these works ”.

There will be street closures

Before the start of these works, Benítez Torres urged citizens living in the Center and all Mazatlecos to be patient.

“The works and streets that are sometimes closed is because we are fixing where the damage caused by so many years that it was not maintained. We will be closing several streets, not all of them, but on the one hand, for example, we will have to close the German Miguel, a part, and we will have to close a part of the Aquiles Serdán, several streets, and so be understanding, it is for the good of all ”.

Technical data

The work of the Roosevelt collector, includes the rehabilitation of a length of 868 meters, which has already fulfilled its useful life. In addition, just over 2 kilometers of new collectors are added. One on Miguel Alemán Avenue, which will be 348 meters long; to this one another one of the Teniente Azueta street will be connected, of 787 meters long and one more by the Lázaro Cárdenas, of 221 meters in length.

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