Mazatlan ask you take your Christmas trees to collection centers


It is also urged not to leave them outside the houses, because garbage trucks cannot take them away.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Because the December celebrations have already ended, the director of Ecology of Mazatlan, Lourdes Sanjuán Gallardo, called the population that acquired some natural pine to dispose of them responsibly, depositing them in centers of gathering.

In turn, he urged to do this work promptly, because he said that they will be working throughout the month of January and until after February 2 to move all copies of these centers to the municipal bason.

“Do not take so long, do not wait for May to get your pine,” he said.

The municipal official explained that the collection centers are the same as last year: in front of the City Forest, in Gabriel Leyva; in the Center and in Infonavit Conchi.

Sanjuán Gallardo said that it is very important not to burn these shrubs because that creates a serious pollution problem.

He also reiterated that it is not advisable to leave the pines outside the homes, waiting for the garbage collection trucks to take them, since they are not receiving them, given that there is a risk that the collection units may decompose.

Source: reaccion informativa

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