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Conflict continues over work on Rafael Buelna Avenue in Mazatlan

MAZATLÁN.- With more complaints, what proposals ended the second meeting of businessmen and residents of Rafael Buelna Avenue with the State Secretary of Public Works, Osbaldo López Angulo, and the Mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, among other municipal officials and state.

In what was expected a meeting to solve the disagreements of those now affected by the work, it became a parade of criticism and disqualification, in addition to the refusal to accept as planned the modernization project of said avenue, from the International highway to Del Mar Avenue.

In summary, the merchants managed to open a lane, so that their suppliers and customers have access, to this the Municipal Transit authorities placed road agents to support.

So far so good, but then citizens criticized that they are not available 24 hours a day.

On the one hand, it was noted that the work of induction of sanitary pipe, drinking water, and other services continues.

But, the businessmen demanded that the garbage collection service be complied with.

The mayor said there will be eight points to do that work, on a printed sheet they were told where they will be located and the only thing that merchants were asked to do is bring their waste and trash to some of those points.

About access and garbage collection

Already with the open lane and the garbage collection problem attended, two points of agreement were resolved, but they demanded that the Municipality undertake a dissemination campaign so that both citizens and visitors know what part of the avenue is open, to which agreed.

On surveillance, there is an ultimatum for the secretary

The third point to vent was surveillance. The merchants said that on Saturday night they opened a store and there was a robbery.

The municipal president promised to put surveillance 24 hours a day, and if this fails, it will cost the post to the secretary Federico Rivas Valdés, who has long been banned from giving statements to the press.

“Indeed there was a robbery in a business. Today I took steps to resolve it, there will be 24-hour security here and we inform the Secretary of Security that if there are failures, he will be saying goodbye. You have to mess with everything to take care of this area, that is the commitment we are making, ”said Benítez Torres.

Of the discrepancies and proposals

After almost 2 hours, some merchants expressed not wanting to cycle and instead leave space for parking in front of their businesses.

Here the issue is that there are many businesses that have invaded the right of way.

Even so, the municipal and state authorities promised to show the project in detail to unlock the misinformation.

They mentioned that by next Tuesday afternoon they will bring some proposals for discussion.

In addition to the presence of the State Secretary of Economy, Javier Lizárraga, and seek the way and legal channel to seek financial support that reduce the losses that in just 3 days have had some merchants and entrepreneurs.

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