Mazatlan sees urgent need for solid waste treatment plant


The City Council of Mazatlan is obliged to close the city dump as soon as possible due to the heavy pollution it generates, but on the other hand, it does not have sufficient economic resources or the properly trained personnel to build and put into operation a solid waste treatment plant.

“And although there are many proposals to replace the open-air dump, the most viable option is the concession for a private company to take over the final destination of the garbage, using the thermo ignition process with filters to prevent harmful emissions to the atmosphere,” said says the director of Ecology and Environment, Lourdes San Juan Gallardo.

She also said that three companies are interested in taking over the operation.

She added that the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) is requesting the city dump to cease to operate, but first the area affected by the accumulation of waste and leachate must be restored, until it becomes an area with some utility.

Lourdes San Juan Gallardo concluded that she only hopes that the Town Planning, Ecology and Public Works Commission of the Municipal Government will choose among all the options the best for Mazatlan, and that this year the treatment plant can be built, because it is an urgent matter.

The Mazatlan Post with information from OEM