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Meet the architects that are attracting attention nationally and internationally, as their names are already part of the history of this country.

1. Mauricio Rocha

The architect has managed to redefine Mexican architecture by understanding and taking advantage of indigenous techniques, materials and environments. Always in search of the flexibility of the spaces, he has been able to provide identity and dignity to his projects, which emphasizes spatial sensitivity and human language. His works include the School of Visual Arts of Oaxaca, with compacted earth buildings, and the San Pablo Oztotepec Market, where a series of roofs at different heights evokes the traditional tianguis of Mexico.


PHOTO: Rafael Gamo

2. Fernanda Canales

Fernanda’s projects stand out for their meticulousness and for their incessant work of influencing society. In his works, his personality and professionalism are reflected in the precision of the details and in the purity and honesty of the materials. Architect, writer, curator and critic, this multifaceted artist redefines the role of architects in contemporary society. In his creations, the precision with which the circumstances of each project are analyzed is revealed, so that the results border on perfection.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Miguel Ángel Aragonés

3. Miguel Ángel Aragonés

A self-taught architect who breaks with the traditional schemes of the contemporary scene. In his particular style, it is easy to appreciate the evolution of his projects by identifying a constant search for pure geometry, rhythm, balance, a certain theatricality and interesting dialogue between light and shadow. In its vast trajectory two hotel complexes stand out, the Charm of Acapulco and the Sea Inside of Los Cabos, in which elegance and minimalism stand out thanks to its monochrome and the simplicity of the form.

PHOTO: Luis Gallardo


Two Mexicans, an Argentine and a Belgian. It is the formula in which the PRODUCTORA team has found the perfect combination to achieve architectural genius. Through the use of simple geometries, this multinational collective has shown that a project must find its complexity in simplicity. His most recent projects have gained worldwide relevance: the Teotitlán del Valle Community Center, in Oaxaca, and the Teopanzolco Cultural Center, in Morelos, carried out in association with Isaac Broid.

PHOTO: Yoshihiro Koitani

5. Alberto Kalach

For Kalach, architecture must be a response to the natural, social and cultural environment where it is located, a premise reflected in its Lacustrine City project, which seeks to recover the ancient lakes and canals of the Valley of Mexico. Always using simple line designs and the correct selection of materials, Kalach has stood out for considering the urban impact and environmental implications giving priority to vegetation. The Vasconcelos Library, in Mexico City, is one of his most iconic and most beautiful works in our country.

PHOTO: Jaime Navarro / Santiago Ruiseñor / Courtesy of Rojkind Arquitectos

6. Michel Rojkind

The architect’s extravagant and avant-garde style has in its origins the creativity of an artist who began his career as a drummer for a renowned musical group. Always questioning the programmatic and formal premises of a project, Michel has given priority to the interaction of the human being in his architectural projects. This empathy is reflected in the National Cineteca and in the most recent Boca Forum, in Veracruz.

PHOTO: Marcos García

7. Elías Rizo

The residential projects of Elías Rizo’s workshop could be considered one of a kind. They are elegant pieces with great aesthetics that seem to blend in with the surrounding environment. Located mostly in Jalisco, Elías’s designs are already a benchmark of residential architecture in Mexico, thanks to the successful selection of palettes of textures and natural materials, as well as their clean and geometric lines.

PHOTO: Rory Gardiner

8. Tatiana Bilbao

Recognized worldwide and with full experience in the most recognized universities in the world, Bilbao has been characterized by developing projects in which the particular needs of users are the priority. Tatiana’s architecture is multifaceted, varying according to the project in question, but always taking into account the particularities of each. From affordable housing developments where the participation of the inhabitants was the main engine, to a house lined with mirrored glass that blends with the surrounding forest.

PHOTO: Rafael Gamo / Ximena del Valle

9. Deaf Madaleno

The surname Sordo Madaleno is synonymous with quality, as evidenced in each work carried out in his workshop, among which we highlight the ARTZ Pedregal shopping center and the Hyatt Hotel in Playa del Carmen. With more than 160 projects built in his more than 30 years of professional career, Javier Sordo Madaleno Bringas has boosted his architectural legacy with great elegance and wisdom. It is now the new generation who is taking over this inheritance, which they have been able to carry with a lot of art.

PHOTO: Luis Gordoa

10. Javier Sánchez

With more than 80 awards under his belt, Javier is recognized for combining an architecture that is sensitive to his surroundings with a successful developer of real estate projects. Javier is recognized as one of the drivers of the urban revival of important residential and commercial areas in Mexico City, such as the Cuauhtémoc and Condesa colonies, where his hotel projects —Carlota and Condesa DF— and residential have been catalysts for this Renaissance.

Source: m.admexico.mx

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