Family temporarily detained on Mexico border while returning to the U.S.


According to police, a U.S. family had a terrifying encounter while on their way back into the country.

For the last couple of days federal, state, and local law enforcement have been warning the public to not cross into Mexico as the violence continues in our sister city of Nuevo Laredo.

But a new concern has prompted Laredo Police to send out another warning that has to do with travelers and paisanos heading back into the U.S. from Mexico.

“We have an active case, as we speak we have a family that was detained in Nuevo Laredo and extorted as they attempted to cross back into the United States from Mexico,” Chief Claudio Trevino of the Laredo Police Department. “We are advising the public as to what is happening to develop to avoid any other family to go through this.”

Chief Trevino says the family is safe now and is being interviewed by federal agencies in the U.S. about the incident.

“The information we have so far is that it happened near the bridges as they were attempting to come back into the United States.”

The department asks paisanos returning from Mexico to avoid bridges within the Nuevo Laredo area.

Those travelers trying to cross back into the United States should use a safer alternative like the Columbia Bridge to the north and International Bridges south of Laredo.

“We’re sharing this information with the Mexican authorities to avoid these things from happening.”

Chief Trevino says Nuevo Laredo Police, the FBI, and Homeland Security investigations have been informed about the extortion

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