They close roads in Chihuahua; snowfall in 12 municipalities


Chihuahua . The State Civil Protection Coordination (CEPC) reported that snowfall was recorded in 12 municipalities at dawn on Saturday and due to weather conditions, several road sections were closed, so the population was asked to take precautions and avoid leaving home If you have no need.

The hydrometeorological phenomenon began to appear at three o’clock in the morning with greater intensity and at 07:00 hours I stop the snowfall. Again at 10:00 hours snowfall was reported in some areas.

This is a consequence of the Fourth Winter Storm and the entry of the Cold Front 26.

The municipalities where the snowfall occurred are: Madera, Gómez Farías and Matachí, with two centimeters of snow. Guerrero, Urique, Bocoyna, Guazaparez, Carichí, Chínipas, Uruachi, Creel and Ocampo, recorded 10 centimeters of precipitation; in these same municipalities the temperatures decreased from 0 to less than five degrees.

In Casas Grandes, in the Sierra el Caracol and in the Ejido I. Zaragoza, they fell between two to three centimeters of snow.

The closed road sections and / or under surveillance from the first hours, are: Madera-El Largo Maderal, San Pedro-Creel, Creel-San Juanito and Creel-Encino Gordo, are closed to the circulation since the asphalt belt is with snow and the pass is impossible until it defrosts.

The Janos-Agua Prieta road was reopened for a few hours this morning, but then it was closed again and the presence of sleet was again recorded.

The State Civil Protection Coordination, in conjunction with the Ministry of Communications and Public Works, implements actions to clear roads to safeguard travelers spreading land and salt on roads.

In other parts of the mountain, drizzle and sleet were recorded, so the population is urged to be cautious if they are going to travel through these places due to the freezing of the pavement.

The Coordination indicated that in the central, southern and western areas they will be registering strong gusts of wind that can exceed 50 km / h, so the low temperatures will continue during the day, with the probability of frost at night and early morning .

So far there has been no report of damage or injured people, so the population is urged to exercise extreme precautions and avoid sudden changes in temperature and if necessary go to temporary shelters to protect themselves from inclement weather.

Source> la jornada

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