Mazatlan Public Services and Ecology Dept with the most complaints in the year


Most reports are for street lighting, urban cleaning, burning of garbage and vacant lots

With 66.2% of the complaints received, Municipal Public Services tops the list of dependencies with more reports in the year, mainly due to complaints in public lighting, urban cleaning, pantheons and parks and gardens, said Martín Martínez, Director of Citizen Attention, who pointed out that in total there were 20,742 reports

He said that 17 thousand 451 lawsuits were already taken care of, the rest is in process.

Complaints in street lighting are the most reported. Courtesy │ Mazatlan City Council

Of the complaints received, 8 thousand 406 correspond to Public Lighting and 3 thousand 164 between Urban Cleanliness, Pantheons and Parks and Gardens.

He commented that he is seconded by the Directorate of Ecology with 2 thousand 807 reports, mainly for the burning of garbage and vacant lots in poor conditions.

There are 3,291 complaints left to attend. Courtesy │ Mazatlan City Council.

The municipal official said that the colonies with the highest number of reports are the Center, Infonavit Playas, and Lomas de Mazatlan.

Source: sol de mazatlan

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