Holbox hoteliers and real estate developers have removed beach dunes: now the sea is reclaiming the island


Holbox.- In the desire to “give” more beaches to Holbox hotel tourists, unconsciously, it has been ending the coastal dune, so that the island has already run out of that natural protection in approximately one kilometer of coastline.

According to records of the former delegate, Gamaliel Zapata, in 2013, there were still dunes and now there is nothing left and some neighbors have done place small wooden barriers that are obviously insufficient to prevent water from entering the island every time what are the bad weather conditions like now.

“They removed the coastal dune, natural protection of the beach to supposedly give more beach to tourists, leaving the island unprotected from adverse weather conditions such as the north now that water enters; when a strong wind comes, there is a risk that the island will split ”, warns the professor by profession.

Concerned, he said that more than a kilometer of the dune has been removed, from Villas Tiburon, to the Las Nubes hotel, at the end of the island.

He lamented that unconscious hoteliers with government permits, little by little they are cutting the dune into pieces so that tourists have more space and see “beautiful” the beach without caring that with their “aesthetic arrangements” they leave the island vulnerable to the onslaught of any natural phenomenon.

“How long will we understand that nature did not need or need the hand of man to be beautiful?” Gamaliel questioned.

Thanks to that, with the help of “irresponsible hoteliers”, little by little the sea is “taking over” the beaches and getting into town.

Source: marcrixnoticias.com

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