Airbnb announces 5 Social Adventures in Mexico


The Airbnb platform announced 5 Social Impact Adventures in Mexico in alliance with Rutopía, in order to bring travelers to authentic, sustainable and off-road travel experiences, in addition to providing income to the country’s indigenous communities.

These magical adventures will allow travelers from all over the world to connect with hosts from different rural communities to share the incredible cultural and natural wealth of their land, having an authentic and first-hand immersion in the vast Mexican culture, as well as being in direct contact. with nature and know many of the non-tourist paradises of the country.

“This alliance with Rutopía in Mexico is the beginning to be able to create more Social Impact Adventures in Latin America together by 2020. It is an Airbnb commitment to continue with the mission of diversifying democratize tourism, and have a fairer income distribution that supports and encourages rural communities, in addition to bringing travelers closer to natural wonders and learning experiences that would otherwise be very difficult to access, ”said Jessica Pecoraro, PR Manager of Airbnb for Mexico.

Part of the mission of Airbnb is to democratize tourism and ensure that more and more travelers know the incredible wealth of Mexico, through authentic experiences, which in addition to being unique, contribute to the economy of the people and localities that manage them, having a direct contact that allows being immersed in the local life. It is important to highlight that as social adventures, 100 percent of the profits are destined directly to the communities and Rutopía, in order to maintain and expand the network.

This extra income help prevent people from the communities having to move to urban centers in search of work and can stay in their place of origin, preserving their millenary traditions and sharing them with people from all over the world.

The objective of the alliance is to promote a fairer and more responsible tourism, contributing to the economic and social development of these communities, offering through the Airbnb platform, a more global access so that these authentic and educational adventures reach more travelers, both Mexican and from all over the world, who seek to live a transformational and learning experience. The number of adventures will continue to grow and Mexico will serve as a starting point to replicate this model in Latin American communities during 2020 and beyond.

“The most important thing for us in Rutopía is to create sustainable development opportunities together with rural communities, and the alliance with Airbnb represents a great opportunity to accelerate this process while providing incredible and authentic experiences, where travelers really connect with local people and create a positive impact on the environment, ”said Emiliano Iturriaga, CEO and co-founder of Rutopía.

These are some of the Social Impact Adventures already available on the platform:

Pulque with Mixtec women. El Almacén, Oaxaca
The experience revolves around pulque and the community’s relationship with the agaves: a sacred plant for pre-Hispanic cultures. The hosts are the “Millennial Women”, a group of pulque producers who have decided to open their community to receive travelers and share their knowledge about agave and pulque. In this magical adventure, you will participate in the whole process, from scraping to tasting.

Water, birds and coffee route. El Triunfo, Chiapas
One of the most magical forests in the world, the only one where there are still quetzales in Mexico. The reserve is surrounded by a belt of coffee plantations that protects it, travelers will be welcomed by Tzeltal Mayan families, who are coffee growers and cocoa producers who have been working to protect the reserve for years.

In this Adventure, travelers will be able to know where the water is born and how it transforms the land, coffee, and life of the communities, as well as knowing the process of its production.

Create crafts in the Mayan jungle. The Twenty of November, Campeche
Twenty of November is a Mayan community in the jungle of Campeche. The ejido is inside the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, the second-largest jungle on the continent, so the jungle is really impressive.

The community is full of skilled craftsmen: huipil embroiderers, hammock weavers, precious woodcarvers, honey producers, stone carvers and a group that makes jewelry with medicinal seeds. Travelers can take workshops with artisans and take jungle tours.

Ascent to the jungle Tacaná Volcano. Talquian, Chiapas
The Tacaná is the highest point of the Sierra Madre, from its summit you can contemplate Mexico and Guatemala. Without a doubt, an experience for the most adventurous travelers. José Alfredo, a descendant of the Mam ethnic group, will be the mountain guide. José climbs the volcano since he was 9 years old as part of the tradition he learned from grandparents.

Airbnb highlights that these Adventures will support the current economic model of Rutopia: 80 percent of the payment goes directly to the hosts, families and local suppliers of products and services. 20 percent is used to cover money transfer expenses and Rutopía operating expenses in order to maintain and expand the network.

In order to benefit the entire community and create shared value, in some communities a percentage goes to a community fund for cultural or environmental conservation projects.

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