Shrimp fleet in Mazatlan in the red


Director of Mexican Shrimp Paradise commented that there is a lack of work in shrimp maquiladoras

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Shrimp processing plants in Mazatlan are going through a crisis, said Mexican Shrimp Paradise director Miguel Rousse Acosta, who attributed this problem to the high cost of fuel.

“Yes we are in a crisis, the processing plants are desperate, there is no work, there is work one week, another week none and that was not seen before, and I think it is part of a crisis in the fishing sector the issue of profitability; Unfortunately, marine diesel is very high, there is no sign that they will go down, there is no sign of an incentive for fishing next year, ”he said.

Frozen shrimp

Also, Mr. Acosta highlighted two other factors: the low shrimp production and the unfair competition of the product in the market.

“In terms of production, it is a matter that is directly the responsibility of the government, it was the year of illegal fishing, really the volumes of illegal fishing were very high, it was evidently seen in videos, in ship patterns, all the mess that was in the summer, and the worst part is that when there is illegal fishing in these volumes, there is a crisis in the price issue because there is a cheap purchase and the market is also affected, ”he said.

He revealed that the cost of shrimp is selling at 150 pesos per kilogram, when the normal price is 250 pesos, making a comparison with the price of diesel and the total for a vessel, as well as the difference in export costs.

“There really is no business, because it did not hit the numbers we needed, we had thought, from 4 to 5 percent more increase compared to last year, we are talking about 150 pesos per kilogram net of export, and that price is ridiculous, since if we see the cost of diesel at 22 pesos per liter, a subsidy at 19 pesos, 40,000 liters are added to the ship, which is 780 thousand pesos, and we are talking about 250 pesos export for four tons, is one million pesos, now imagine the little boat that arrives with two tons, and diesel is not the only cost, ”said the director of Mexican Shrimp Paradise.

He added that if a vessel does not capture the 4 tons on a first trip, it is impossible to make the second trip, due to the shrimp masses that have already been captured by other vessels.

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