Driver arrested trying to get to Cabo San Lucas in luxury vehicle reported as stolen in the US


After a routine review by agents of the Federal Highway Police assigned to the National Guard, a luxury vehicle driver who was traveling along the transpeninsular highway at the height of Santa Rosalia towards Cabo San Lucas, he ended up being arrested after the Police officers noticed it was a van with a report of theft in the United States.

The events occurred on Wednesday afternoon Wednesday when Federal Highway Police agents stopped the driver of the luxury vehicle when speeding and at the time a routine check when running the serial number of The unit noticed that the truck had a recent report of theft in the State of Illinois, in the neighboring country.

The driver, who was identified as Javier “N” who had a driver’s license issued in Anaheim, California, as well as the luxury Italian vehicle of the Maserati brand and the Levante line, were insured and referred to the Attorney General’s Office. Republic to determine the corresponding sanctions.

The report of the theft of said luxury car was made at the end of last November, and according to its driver, it was traveling to Los Cabos, a town where vehicles called “chocolates” abound, that is to say without papers and of foreign origin.

According to Jason Davis

A licensed transport expert in Baja California

Yes, Santa Rosalía is 100% stopping all newer or suspected vehicles.
I have been thru there 3 times this month. They have stopped me every time. I’m not speeding or breaking the law.

You also better have your immigration in order. They are checking that too by calling immigration. I refused to give them my visa card as I didn’t break any laws or in an accident. They still checked my status.

I saw them again Thursday and told them see you next week with another car. They know I’m a transporter

With this being said if you are having people drive or trailer your cars down. You better make sure they are legal to work in Mexico and have all the papers in order. I’m not going to tell you the papers you need to legally drive someone else’s car into Mexico. But, if you are suspected of being hired to drive that car and not legal to work in Mexico or a US transportation company with proper paperwork and only a tourist visa. They told me they are impounding.

But, Federal police in Santa Rosalía has officers on the north and south of town. You are most likely going to get stopped and inspected.

Non imported cars caught on a commercial trailer or private trailer going south. Unless the owner is in the tow vehicle. You have a high chance or getting impounded.

All our US/Canada plated cars going north on transport. Now have more paperwork than we have had before. They have stopped the car transport every trip north too.


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