CFE substation burns in Mazatlan


A short circuit in transformers generated the fire

Mazatlan, Sin. – Alert and intense mobilization of relief corps generated fire in the CFE substation called “El Habal”, located north of the city.

Reports obtained detail that the incident was derived from a possible short circuit in the transformer zone; what generated the spread of the fire was demineralized oil used for the maintenance of the equipment.

This situation approached elements of Mazatlan Firefighters, who were in charge from 4:15 in the morning to control the situation.

Parastatal engineers also made an appearance to report the damage caused after the fire; it transpired that the affectation was only internal and the electricity supply in the city would be normal.

For four hours the elements were provided by those who were protected by Red Cross paramedics who made an appearance to act if necessary, fortunately, their support was not required.

Source: linea directa

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