Builders in Mazatlan maintain high expectations for 2020


Real estate specialists point to a 50% increase in private investment

Mazatlan.-  A considerable increase in private works investment reports the Guild of Civil Architects and Engineers during 2019. With respect to 2018, an increase of approximately 50 percent is estimated. 

However, as far as public works are concerned, the picture is not so encouraging, because, during this year, the investment was minimal.

The president of the College of Civil Engineers of Mazatlan, Ramón Antonio Osuna Osuna, warned that investment in public works slowed down due to the restructuring of the Federal Government in terms of budgets to the various agencies.

However, in the particular case of Mazatlan, he said that it is thanks to the fact that the municipality has been promoted tourism, that the real estate boom has been generated.

Mazatlan is in the top ten of the cities in question of real estate development and construction of private works.

He added that the civil engineers’ union has benefited because the work has increased.

The expectation that the sector maintains is that public works be reactivated because it is one of the major fields of action for builders.

Rafael Buelna ave

The president of the College of Architects of the South of Sinaloa, Sergio Ibarra Arreola, commented that precisely in the most important project for 2020, which is the construction, rehabilitation, and modernization of Rafael Buelna Avenue, the executive project of that work

“But one of the problems that we see in the projects that are being generated from public works is the same as always, which start without an executive project, or at least the schools do not take us into account to present it,” he said.

Osuna Osuna added that the project was shown schematically, only the technical sheet of the work.

However, he said that in what they had to advocate regarding the work of Rafael Buelna, they intervened to keep the parking drawers, so that the shops in the area were affected as little as possible.

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