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Aracely Quispe, first Latina woman to command three missions in NASA

The Peruvian astronautics engineer thus marked the history of Latinos.

Aracely Quispe Neira is a Peruvian astronautics engineer who has been highlighted in the scientific field as the first Latina to command three successful NASA missions.  In addition, the United States space agency recognizes her as a “professional who does an incredible job inspiring young people to pursue Stem careers (Science, technology, arts and mathematics in English).”

This achievement, among others, has been achieved thanks to a job she has done since he was very young with the support of his family. This was explained in an interview for RCN Radio. 

” I have had the opportunity to have support from my family, I have been proactive, I like to study, I come from separated parents but I have always had the support,” said Aracely. 

She also indicated that the greatest pride she has is that of being a Latina and a woman. 

” I feel fortunate and very proud to be Latina, to be a woman and to have had the opportunity to move forward. It has not been an easy task, it all started because of the limitations of lacking financial resources and the second aspect, it is for being a woman because there are still these paradigms and stereotypes, “he said. 

However, he stressed that abroad and especially in NASA there is a good image of Colombians and Latinos, as engineers are respected for their tenacity at work. 

“There is very good talk about Colombians, who are starting space races, there is a lot of respect and appreciation for this work,” she said.

As a result of his studies, Aracely has managed to become the first Latin woman to command three successful missions: the first is the Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission (Trmm), the second is the Lunar Recognition Orbiter (LRO) and currently It is in reference to the James Webb Space Telescope (Jwst)  that will be launched soon into space in 2021.

Aracely is currently an official speaker by the Nasa Space Agency and the United States Department of State, where she has been recognized for her work both in the space agency and in the social field, as she has led projects that support the young people they want Do scientific careers. 

“We have carried out several projects to take not only the message to the youth and also to talk about my work; they selected me as a bilingual person to carry the message to Hispanics in the United States,” he explained. 

Recently, he  was in Peru to carry the message of encouragement to young people to study and fight for their dreams. There in the events that took place in universities and colleges, the quota was filled since in his country they admire her for the achievements that have allowed her to exalt the name of her country in science. 

One of the investigations has been the exploration on the deglaciation of the Andean snow-capped mountains of Peru through high-resolution satellite images, a study that has helped raise awareness of the world on the issue of deglaciation and its impacts with global warming.

“I greet all Colombia and I tell these women and girl fighters that just like me, every day even if it is not easy, I am still struggling; I am doing my doctorate and I graduate the other year. If dreams are possible, we must have a lot of perseverance and optimism, “was Aracely’s message to Colombian children and youth. 

This Peruvian engineer will be in Colombia in the ‘Forum Revolution in the Digital Age – The transformation of the future is 5G’, which was organized by TigoUne, with the support of Cintel and the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

Source: Integrated Information System, rcnradio.com

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