Adriana, the Mexican who will study aerospace medicine in England


Mexican pride! Lieutenant Adriana Ortiz will be the first Mexican doctor to study aerospace medicine.

Adriana Ortiz Trujillo, the deputy Health Service Naval of the Ministry of the Navy, is a living example that women can continue gaining ground through education and knowledge. At 27 years old, Adriana became the first Mexican naval doctor to study the master’s degree in Aerospace Medicine at the prestigious King’s College University in London.

Due to her effort and dedication, the lieutenant earned the Chevening scholarship granted by the United Kingdom every year to future leaders in different areas of knowledge.

Adriana Ortiz was born in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, and is one of the 50 Mexicans who were awarded scholarships this 2019. During the call, about 50 thousand applicants participated. Additionally, the Ministry of Public Education awarded a scholarship to the military doctor.

It should be noted that this year the number of women scholarships exceeds the number of men. In addition to this, there are only two doctors who received the scholarship

Aerospace medicine

According to Lieutenant Ortiz, aerospace medicine is an area that is responsible for ensuring the health of pilots. That it is, “helps staff acclimate to changes progressively without losing health.” When a pilot already has a disease, ” s and gives them a follow – up to restore them to one hundred percent in the shortest time possible to be able to continue with the fight missions. ”

Adriana Ortiz began her interest in aerospace medicine at the Naval Medical School, the only educational institution where a subject is taught. She subsequently took a course at Fort Benning in the United States and carried out a joint research project with dr. Raúl Carrillo, founder of the Mexican Association of Space Medicine in Mexico.

The lieutenant encourages young people to know this branch of medicine. On this, she said: “There is a lot of job opportunity, not only from the military sector but also from the civil sector. There is a lot of potential, the only thing is that you have to look for opportunities and earn them. ”

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