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The tasty Rompope from Durango

It is prepared immediately with vanilla, milk and a lot of cinnamon, accompany it with a torta de pierna. Durango Rompope milkshake is a delicious drink that you can not miss when you visit the state capital.

In the capital of Durango, there is a place very dear to the inhabitants, it is called “El Pasaje”, a place that has become famous for preparing Rompopes made from vanilla, milk, and cinnamon that is really an addiction to the palate.

 Tania Garcia

This drink, accompanied by a torta de pierna or a scorpion taco, becomes the perfect experience to savor Durango seriously.

The Rompopes has been served in this location for 60 years and they are delivered to you in a giant glass milkshake-like in the 1950s, other things with which the Duranguenses accompany this drink are homemade sugary donuts, cakes, burritos, and cakes.

They take each of these yellow liquid delights to go, but the wait is worth it because when the taste of vanilla reaches your mouth, a sweet explosion takes place.

Due to the sublime flavor of their Rompope at El Pasaje the place is always crowded, so we repeat do not despair.

El Pasaje is located between Francisco I. Madero and Pasteur, three blocks from the Plaza de Armas, Historic Cente

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