Mazatlan: Snapper, Dorado, Lobster and Delicious “Cucarachas”!


* Carlos sells and “Motolongo” stews

* “Cucarachas”, fried shrimp

For this Christmas, people look for big fish such as snapper, pampano, curbina, and dorado, among others to zarandear or foil, says veteran fisherman Carlos Torres, who already has his small stand in Playa Norte, where he has his “clientele”.

Even Carlos sells the fish on the spot and to the side, René, nicknamed “Motolongo”, has his awning and a casserole to reheat with an excellent seasoning right there, on a couple of tables, make the meal of the tasty products of the sea.

“Motolongo”, thus “baptized” by his father, has even sauces and lemons that he offers to diners. And the beer ?, we asked jokingly and quickly replies: “here, in front, there is a Kiosk.” Full service, just cross the street

Carlos Torres says that many tourists already know him, including foreigners, who sometimes come looking for lobsters, shrimp, and fish. Add another commercial to the “Motolongo”, because it says you can also prepare the lobster with garlic al mojo. The kilo of lobster already prepared costs about 300 to 400 pesos, says the fisherman.

In another question, Torres said that the fish that fishermen take most from the sea are the branch, robalito, red snapper, snapper, cochito, sierra, among others.

On the other hand, in the interview with René he said that what people most ask for is fried fish, mojarras, parguitos, “cucarachas” that are not other things than very fried cevichero shrimp that eat them with everything and peel, without head, although of course you have to put sauce and lemon …! tasty!

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