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Mazatlan restaurants will close with a 20% increase in profits

The past few weeks have increased sales by 50%, and will reach 80% by adding national tourism

Mazatlan Sinaloa.- With the Christmas celebrations, Mazatlan restaurants have increased their sales by 50%, and higher demand is expected after the 20th, with the start of the school holiday period.

The president of Canirac Mazatlan, Oscar Palacios Gómez, said that most restaurants have packages and promotions for inns during this holiday season, and estimate a greater increase with the arrival of national tourists for the Christmas holidays.

Since the beginning of December the inns, work meetings, farewell of the year begin to be celebrated, and for all the restaurants it represents the covering of expenses, bonuses and all the commitments that we acquire

Palacios Gómez

Palacios Gómez said that the winter season is going very well, and in the next few days national tourism will be added.

He said that this year, prepared food establishments could close with an increase between 18 and 20% in sales, since a large influx of domestic and foreign tourists is expected.

He said that according to hotel reservations, Mazatlan will be full by the end of the year, and on weekends the flow of diners in restaurants and bars has increased.

It will be full Mazatlan, this is what hoteliers are reporting, all restaurants have a lot of activity, the time of the inns has already started and everyone is reporting events every day, apart from the fact that normally the flow of diners has increased on weekends in places of consumption, whether restaurants or bars


It will also increase occupancy in restaurants in tourist areas with foreign tourists, especially when there are cruises. Only this week three tourist boats have arrived with 11 thousand 857 passengers and crew.

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