Mazatlan is growing as never before and will not stop says Mayor


Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres emphasizes the development line that the port currently carries, in terms of private investment

Mazatlan.- The Mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, said that in the port private investment every day is greater, “plus what is coming.” He said that his Administration is dedicated to governing and giving entrepreneurs facilities to invest in the municipality.

Chemist Benitez led the unveiling of a plaque, the inauguration, and blessing of Platinum Park and Coto Platino, located in Real del Valle, accompanied by Buenos Aires businessman Guillermo Romero and real estate investors.

In his message, the Municipal President recalled that a little over a year ago, when he assumed the current Administration, he said he would work for Mazatlan to detonate like never before in history and is fulfilling it.

“Every day, private investment in Mazatlan is greater, plus what is coming. The truth is that Mazatlan, as I said today in the morning at a CMIC builders event, Mazatlan is growing as never and will not stop, because we are giving all the facilities, ”he said.

Father José Concepción Hernández, was in charge of blessing the plaque located in the Platino Park and the Coto Platino, and in his message, he stressed that the family is the first structure to educate.

«Here they are going to form families, not only are they going to make houses; Making houses is relatively easy, it has a cost, but it is easy. Form a home and you will see that it is exhausting to form a home (…) There is something more essential, which is to form values. There it is, in each one of those that you are doing, of those that end right now and will build later, that is where the first values ​​are formed, the real foundations, ”he said.

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