VIDEO: They discover a new unfinished tunnel on the border between Mexico and the US


The six-meter long conduit was discovered by border authorities in the Mexican city of Nogales, on the border of the State of Arizona, after a routine inspection of the drainage system.

U.S. Border Patrol Agents and the Mexican Federal Police discovered an unfinished cross-border tunnel, which crosses the city of Nogales underground, bordering Arizona.

According to the official statement of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office. In the USA, the underground conduit was located three meters below the ground and had an extension of six meters, pointing towards the North American side.

The tunnel was located on Wednesday, following a routine binational inspection of the drainage system that connects both nations. The entrance of the conduit, detailed the border authorities, was hidden with a large amount of land and was covered with a mixture of polystyrene foam and concrete.

Likewise, troops from both countries announced that they will inspect the passage “until it is properly insured and remediated with concrete filling.” With the recent discovery, 124 tunnels have been discovered in the Tucson, Arizona sector since 1990.

Joint operations between the US Border Patrol and the Federal Police of Mexico are habitual in the region of Nogales, given the advance of the narco and the illegal trafficking of persons.

Source: rtmexico

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