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Sewage give off foul smell in the streets of Mazatlan

Wastewater floods a large part of the city. These stagnant water stays for several days in front of the houses, and in addition to foul smells, it generates mosquitos, diseases and accidents.

In Mazatlan’s Benito Juárez neighborhood, between Mutualismo and Privada del Vigía streets, there is a sewer that looks more like a fountain.

Mazatlan resident Maria Tirado, who went out to the store, slipped in the water and ended lying on the ground.

There is so much water that emerges from this sewer, that it runs down Privada del Vigía and 20 de Noviembre streets, all the way down to Rafael Buelna Street. There is another sewer that causes a stinking dark fluid to spread to Gabriel Leyva street. And just a few steps from there, there is another sewer that looks like a fountain.

Rosario Hernández, who lives on Mutualismo almost at the corner with Lázaro Cárdenas, stressed that the foul smell of sewage is impregnated inside his house, which causes stomach pain and headache.

In the Francisco Villa neighborhood, on Toma de Torreón street, sewage is also a recurring problem.

The Municipal Board of Potable Water and Sewerage of Mazatlan justifies the overflow of sewage by saying it ws caused by the heavey rains of last Thursday, November 28.

Municipal official, Ismael Tiznado Ontiveros, asks the citizens for understanding and stressed that after a normal rainfall 72 hours can pass for the drainage network to level its operation.

“Last Thursday’s rain was an extraordinary event in every way and it may take more than a week to completely regulate the flow of wastewater. The drainage system collapsed, and although no pipes are broken, the capacity to handle wastewater was exceeded, so we ask the citizenship to be patient”, Tiznado Ontiveros concluded.

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