Tortillerias close due to insecurity and high extortion fees in Mazatlan


12 percent have shut down by not being able to sustain the climate of violence and collections

Mazatlan Sinaloa.-  The insecurity experienced in the country hits all productive sectors and the owners of tortillerías do not escape, said the president of the National Tortilla Council (CNT), Homero López García.

He added that this year, 12 percent of businesses have closed for violence and especially for the fees that criminals require.

They cannot with such a heavy load and are forced to close and this affects this sector of entrepreneurs and families that work there.

The CNT has a presence in 28 entities in the country, with around 75,000 members who work hard to prepare one of the most important foods in the diet of Mexican families, said its leader.

Víctor Olivas / THE DEBATE

There is unity

López García explains that the economic situation in the country is difficult for the sector due to the high cost of inputs.
Electricity, gas, and Maseca.

But, even so, organized and united that the tortilleros are there is a complicated year.

Even so, they hope to continue preparing the food that arrives at the table of all households.

What worries is the climate of insecurity.

The crime goes with small businesses, never with the big businessmen and these even favor the closing of businesses, because in the shopping centers they sell everything, even tortillas at low prices, they are an unfair competition towards the tortillerías.


Liliana Ramos is a housewife and stressed that at home you can miss any food, but not the tortilla.

Her three children and her husband do not forgive the corn tortilla. The high cost it has reached in recent years does hit the family economy. But it is a food that should be in the basic basket and says that the best is the one bought in the tortilleria daily.

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