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Mayor of San Luis Potosí bought 15 Tesla Cybertruck for police use

The purchase was made to meet the demands of citizens to improve services, said the mayor

The mayor of Ciudad del Valle in San Luis Potosí, Adrian Esper Cárdenas, acquired 15 Tesla Cybertruck trucks for patrol, garbage collection and water supply, reported at a press conference.

He explained that he did not carry out any citizen search or consultation for the acquisition of cars, however, it was an action to meet the population’s demands for the improvement of services.

We did not do a survey. The population’s claim is that there are not enough services or enough money; This expense represents the release of the resource and the freedom to provide better services. ”

He indicated that he donated 30 thousand pesos of his salary to separate the units, however “they will be liquidated in the same way that the municipality acquired the 12 garbage trucks or in the same way that we buy the lamps or that we make any acquisitions”.

This purchase “would be very high impact for the municipality”, since in the future it could save 2 million pesos a month and 24 million a year, said the mayor.

“The important thing is that regardless of whether the cost can be a little high, the benefit is recoverable because if you do not put maintenance on it and you do not put fuel on it, in one year you can save 24 million and already paid more than the half of the investment, ”he said.

Esper Cárdenas acquired 10 units with two engines, which cost $ 49,000, as well as five parts with three engines at a cost of $ 69,900 each, he said.

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