Citizens denounce abuses of PEP agents in southern Sinaloa; they ask the Governor to act


MAZATLAN Sinaloa.- Through official complaint, the Mayor of Mazatlan informs the Governor of Sinaloa that elements of the State Preventive Police are committing abuses in the municipality of Mazatlan and urges him to stop them or remove them from this municipality.

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres detailed his complaint to Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel in official letter PM / 2534/2019.

In that office, the Mayor narrates two cases, one where state police officers on patrol 3655 demanded money from a Mazatlan citizen, who was in his vehicle and was stopped and checked without justification.

Another case: State agents of the 3649 patrol practically stripped 3,000 pesos of tourists from Durango, this on November 16.

The Mayor points out that the abuses committed have been made known to the Secretary-General of the State Government and the head of the PEP, the Secretary of Public Security of the State, but they have done nothing.

The mayor expresses his dissatisfaction with the actions of the PEP agents, who are breaking down the work that has been done to improve the image of Mazatlan as a tourist destination, and who are also creating an environment of insecurity and distrust among citizens.

“I ask you to turn the necessary instructions to stop these abuses (of the PEP agents), compensating the damages that were caused to the population or failing to ask you to remove them from the Municipality of Mazatlan, Sinaloa,” says the mayor to the governor in the office.

The Mayor added that the patrols of the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Traffic of Mazatlan were already asked to label differently, so that it would be easier for people to distinguish which agents are in charge, who are committing “larceny, fraud, and atrocities,” to try to stop that.


In social networks, citizens said that other PEP agents are committing abuses against citizens in the area of ​​the road to El Roble, in the municipality of Mazatlan.

“They directly require you to ‘take out your wallet’ and disperse over the car without being allowed to check, that is to break the law, threaten to refer them (to citizens) under any excuse,” said one complainant.

In addition, residents of Malpica, municipality of Concordia, accuse that PEP agents are also committing abuse, intimidating people and taking out the money they can.

They specifically pointed to patrol 3644, which was even photographed when they stopped a vehicle of people who circulated normally.

Source: pmxportal

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