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Almost half of Sinaloa graduates have to migrate due to lack of opportunities

This is because young people are not studying the careers that companies require, especially in technical and specialized profiles, explains Codesin

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- In Sinaloa, 26,000 students graduate from universities each year and only 14,000 can get a job related to what they studied; So about 45 percent will have to look for opportunities in another state, reported the Council for Economic Development of Sinaloa, Codesin.

“We only have the absorption capacity of around 55 percent in the productive sectors, the rest because we are leaving the State,” said José Luis López Valle, general director of Codesin.

The Codesin has detected a situation: young people, due to ignorance, have not chosen to study technical, professional and specialization careers that offer greater probabilities of growth and development, as well as a “good working future”.

The director of this council commented that the growth projections of current Sinaloa companies estimate that in the next five years about 60 thousand jobs will be required, of which 10 thousand will be technical level.

And this is where, he explains, another problem arises: “we are not generating enough technicians that are required in the state.”

López Valle said that the culture of the Mexican tends to want to study a career (such as engineering) after having completed the technical higher degree, but that the needs of the labor market also ask these specialists.

“Two percent of university senior technicians are staying as technicians and the rest are going to be engineers, which eventually will end many with positions that are not precisely engineers,” he said.

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