Mazatlan host Mexico Real Estate Summit 2019


The Mexican association of real estate professionals held the AMPI 2019 real estate summit with the slogan “Reinvention of the Real Estate Sector in Mazatlan”

“Reinvention of the Real Estate Sector in Mazatlan”

The opening ceremony highlighted the importance of having a state real estate law that allows regulating the activity and giving certainty to the purchase and sale avoiding fraud by fictional developers who do not have a certification or the support of a national association.

Óscar Luis Orozco, national vice president of national institutional relations AMPI, said that there are currently 126 thousand lawsuits originated by bad real estate advice, hence the importance of having this law of which Sinaloa was the pioneer in proposing its creation but even The date after 19 years has not been achieved.

Real Estate Development Contributes 14% of GDP in Mexico

* 65% private investment in tourism

Despite not very promising figures that speak of 126 thousand civil lawsuits in the country for poor advice on real estate and that 827 homicides have been committed for reasons of property disputes in recent years, real estate development represents 14 percent of the Gross Domestic Product of Mexico, recognized the national advisor of AMPI, Oscar Luis Orozco, in the inaugural framework of the third Real Estate Forum AMPI MZT 2019.

In addition to this extraordinary growth and real estate development, the president of the AMPI Mazatlan, Luis Enrique Peraza, said that the participation of developers in the economy is very important and in Mazatlan the consolidation of a strong sector has been achieved that, even, In March of next year, the “Real Estate Summit 2020” nationwide will be held in Mazatlan.

In his message, Luis Enrique Peraza summoned the guild to unity and to work alongside the authorities; “union is very important to strengthen the sector; We have many specialties to better perform our work. We are a sector for training; we live in times of many changes in which we have to be very prepared; we have to do things well and at the root, because we have the great pride of being from Mazatlan. ”

Then he used the microphone the advisor of the National Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), Oscar Luis Orozco, who spoke of data that does not favor developers, but also of the positive among them that the sector contributes 14% of GDP in the country; a growing guild, which the AMPI Training Center will shortly be “University” with regulations, in addition to confirming the “real estate summit” -a congress- for next year in Mazatlan.

David González Torrentera, Secretary of Economic Development and Tourism, brought the representation to this act of the mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, and was very happy with the work of the real estate professionals who have helped reposition Mazatlan among the best tourist destinations of the country.

González Torrentera also called the unit and said that Mayor Benítez Torres is in the best position to support the sector above private interests. He indicated the need to respect regulations and regulations; recognized the “summit” for March and informed that the regulation of the sector is in commissions of councilors of Municipal Council to shortly approve it. He said that this year more than 19 billion pesos have been invested in the port.

Finally, Héctor Orrantia, Undersecretary of Economy, on behalf of Secretary Javier Lizrárraga, congratulated the AMPI and stressed its importance for more entrepreneurs to come to invest in Mazatlan and Sinaloa. He said that more than 80 billion pesos have been invested and that 65 percent of private investment has been in tourism. He also talked about following the rules so that the investment is secured.

Mazatlan has more than 40 New Construction Projects, AMPI Reports

Although there is a slowdown in the construction industry nationally, real estate developments are going forward and investments are coming into Mazatlan; There are very good reservations for December and the market is still moving and we have more than 40 properties that will begin to be built in the coming years, said Luis Enrique Peraza, president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), Mazatlan chapter.

In coordinating the third AMPI MZT Real Estate Forum 2019, at the Mazatlan International Convention Center, Luis Enrique Peraza said that this forum is precisely to promote the good things that happen in Mazatlan and tell all the people who want to participate in the sector that has to be trained, because without it it will be very difficult to have the tools to do a professional job.

Asked about the suspension of the construction site of the real estate development “Camino al Mar”, he said that such situations are uncomfortable, but “I am sure that the authorities have the capacity to fix this matter; All developers are concerned about that fact and that is why we say that everyone should have a specialization in the sector and things like this do not happen; I trust that this issue will be fixed and we will move forward for the good of all. ”

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