By court order, Mazatlan withdraws suspension seals on ‘Camino al Mar’


Builders demand the withdrawal of suspension from Camino Al Mar

Camino al Mar

Thirteen companies that call the Mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres to rectify, ensure that the suspension of the work is illegal and is more about an abuse of authority

The builders of Camino Al Mar require the Mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres to withdraw the indefinite suspension that was imposed since October 29 by the Director of Municipal Planning, Jorge Estavillo Kelly and his inspectors to the work that is located in Camarón Sábalo Avenue from the Golden Zone. 

Through a public campaign thirteen companies, they said that it is an illegal determination, calling it an abuse of authority since they argue that the civil work since its inception has complied with all security measures and equipment to protect its people and third parties. 

They said they had documents that confirm said compliance with State Civil Protection, as well as drills every month. 

The contractors of the project demonstrated against what was said by the City Council itself during a recent press conference, as they maintain that during the visits of the municipal authority false data have been recorded and in turn, public opinion has been poorly informed about the situation that keeps the building in development. 

They said they were dissatisfied, considering that there is an unacceptable ‘revenge’, oblivious to construction that has directly harmed more than 650 workers, so they asked the Municipal President to keep his word and show that he really has an interest in the welfare of and the Mazatlecos. 

The Mexican association of real estate professionals “AMPI” supports Camino al Mar development

The state government through the secretariat of economic development speaks in favor of conciliation to prevent investment slows down, specifically in relation to real estate development on the way to the sea the sub secretary of economy in Sinaloa Héctor Orrantia confirms that the function of This dependence is not to sanction, to indicate how the secretary of the economy in Mazatlan David González Torrentera did it, but to look for dialogue, seek how to avoid curbing such important investments.

This situation has reached the ears of the national level and there is concern in the real estate guild, Oscar Luis Orozco who is the National Vice President of institutional relations of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals, I assure that there is union in the guild and at the time they will announce their posture jointly and publicly.

Both the Undersecretary of Economy, and the Vice President of Institutional Relations of AMPI, agree that the investor of Camino al Mar is an honest, honorable, responsible person who has never failed to ensure the safety of his workers.

Judge orders seal removed at ‘Camino al Mar

Flores Segura emphasizes that the Mayor’s Government works according to law, and not govern on a whim

In compliance with the resolution of a District Court, the Government of Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres withdrew the suspended seals that he had placed on October 30 in the construction of the condominium tower «Camino al Mar».

On Friday afternoon, a delegation headed by the Secretary of the City Council, José de Jesús Flores Segura, and the Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Municipal Fisheries, David Armando González Torrentera, went to work to comply with the court order.

Flores Segura said that a District Court ordered the Government of Mazatlan to provisionally remove the seals and that the order of Mayor Benitez was to fully comply with the judicial order.

He said that the order of the Municipal President is that his Administration work according to law, and because in this Administration it is not governed by whims or governed by occurrences, but governed by law and transparency.

«We are here in goodwill to comply with an obligation that the Court sends us that, although it leaves us the exception of discretion to be able to act in another way, it is not the issue, this is due to a situation of third parties that could be affected ».

He said that following the principle of social justice that Benitez Torres is marking in his administration, with this action they seek to harm those who have less and who are also affected by this situation, the workers.

The Secretary of the City Council stressed that it should not go unnoticed that the constitutional authority also provides that it does not exempt the company from complying with administrative and security requirements.

For his part, González Torrentera said that the judge also leaves the Municipality with all the powers to do the supervision so that the construction regulations are complied with, and that the Mayor’s good faith is to let the developer decide to comply with the security measures necessary.

«(We come) to give the vote of confidence to the developer, to say that the Government of Mazatlan moves based on legality, regulations, and preserving, as the Secretary says, the human right to work, which is what matters most to us ».

He clarified that if this ruling occurred after 20 days, it was because the Judge had not granted them the lifting of the suspension and now that it is granted, we come to abide by it immediately.

«Mazatlan is a municipality that is thriving, Mazatlan is a municipality that has the largest private investment in the history of the city, and the idea is to support, encourage (…) The Mayor was very clear, that this is carried out according to the right, the judge ordered and so it is quickly followed ».

On October 30, the Municipality, through the Directorate of Planning of Sustainable Urban Development, suspended this work after an inspection at the site, because one day before, on October 29, a worker lost his life after falling from the seventh construction floor.

In this review, important omissions were observed in terms of employee safety.

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