Tradition, culture, and literature at the Yoreme Meeting!


Mazatlecos enjoy the presentation of the book ‘Dance of Pascola and Deer’, Identity and Tradition Yoreme Mayo del Norte de Sinaloa

Within the celebration of the Yoreme Meeting in the Sister Cities Park, the presentation of the book ‘Dance of Pascola and Deer, Identity and Tradition Yoreme Mayo del Norte de Sinaloa, authored by Ricardo Ortega González and María de Los Angeles Heredia Zavala.

The commentators of the book were the linguist, Rafael Felix, who welcomed those present with a “Ketchem alheyya”, which means: “Good evening”, and the editor Juan Esmedio Navarro.

Different people interested in literary art and the promotion of reading came to know the book, such is the case of the outstanding professor Guadalupe Veneranda Páez Tejeda.

Yoreme-Mayo writer, Nicolás Gómez García, from Ejido Zapotillo, Ahome, Sinaloa enjoyed the event.


Ricardo Ortega is a historian, anthropologist, graduate of the National School of Anthropology and History, and current academic coordinator of the Regional Museum of Guadalajara, and author of the book ‘Danza de Pascola y de Venado’, which is his first book. The writer is born in Santiago Tianguistenco, in Toluca, and lives eight years in Sinaloa, then goes to Jalisco.

“I had always wanted to study the north of Mexico, and when I was investigating I met the famous Yaquis and I wanted to work with those of Sonora, but that’s where they start to name the Mayos, and I said, and who are they, I started to investigate and I realize that the Mayos were in both southern Sonora and northern Sinaloa. I want to know about this culture, I come to Culiacán to study the Master in History and from there I start working on the Mayos-Yoreme research.

The writer Yoreme-May, Nicolás Gómez García.

Over time the ISIC calls me to propose an investigation and we said, what are we going to write about them, in the end, we decided to start the work with the Deer and the Pascola, which are the most important actors in one of its many traditions. It was decided to talk about the instruments of Pascola, we made records, but it was very technical, it is a scientific research book but what we want is to make it a popularization book, more attractive for the whole family. We collect stories, the worldview and combine it, in the end, this book is the result, ”shares Ortega.

He dedicates the book to the Yoremes communities for the respect and for the openness they gave him to be able to enter their communities and be able to do field research, be able to interview them, take the photographs.

Rafael Félix, Ricardo Ortega, Veneranda Páez and Juan Esmedio Navarro.


This book will begin to be distributed in the indigenous communities, then in the primary and secondary schools and they will begin to make games, such as memoramas, puzzles with the photographs, which are by Iván Contreras. The book will be distributed at the ISIC in Culiacán.

Source: sol de mazatlan