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Cruise ships arriving in Mazatlan do not benefit Escuinapa

They ask to include the municipalities of the south of the State in the packages offered to visitors

The arrival of cruise ships with thousands of tourists to the port of Mazatlan does not generate any benefit for the municipality of Escuinapa; said Eliud Eleazar Aguilar Íñiguez, head of the tourism department in this municipality.

The official explained that of the thousands of visitors who come to the port through cruise ships, the number of visitors to visit Escuinapa is nil.

The tourists who come on cruises to Mazatlan do not visit us here to the municipality, the only thing is that they have made us participate in gastronomic exhibition events, but here at Escuinapa that tourism does not arrive.

Eliud Aguilar

He acknowledged that it is necessary that municipalities in the southern part of the State be included in the packages offered to tourists for the generation of economic spills in this area.

It is necessary that the municipality be taken into account as an alternative, we have a lot to offer tourism, we are already knocking on the door, we are in constant communication with the Ministry of Tourism (State), so that they are the opportunity to get us to that tourism and move it here to Escuinapa.

Eliud Aguilar

Eliud Aguilar says it is necessary to include Escuinapa in the packages offered by the port

To conclude, he stressed that the tourism that mostly goes to the municipality is local tourism, in addition to the families of Cantabria who reside in the country or abroad, and who return to visit their relatives during the holiday seasons, mainly in the December season, That is coming soon.


The most recent cruise that visited Mazatlan was the Royal Princess, last week, which brought with it just under 5,000 visitors.

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