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Almost half of the domestic workers cannot register for IMSS for this reason

The pilot program to register domestic workers with IMSS presents some flaws, says the Inter-American Social Security Cabinet

Mexico.- The pilot IMSS affiliation program for domestic workers only considers those who earn more than 3 thousand pesos a month.

This represents around 50 percent, so half of the domestic workers are left without the opportunity to insure, according to the head of the Inter-American Social Security Cabinet (GISS) Leyla Acedo Ung, who participated in the Symposium on Challenges and Perspectives of the Mundo Laboral at table 6: Home Work and Care.

In addition, Acedo points out that the IMSS scheme for this purpose has two other failures, one is that it is the same workers who must enroll in the program once they convince their employers.

The other problem is the little diffusion of the advantages of the program, Leyla says.

On the other hand, Marcelina Bautista, collegiate secretary of the National Union of Domestic Workers, affirms that “60% of those who work in this sector receive between one and two minimum wages. The low salary and lack of social security is the result of the social devaluation of that economic activity that is not even conceived as a job. ”

This pilot program has been operational since April 1 of this year and in its first 7 months, only 11,947 people have registered.

The Inegi (National Institute of Statistics and Geography) estimates that there are approximately 2.4 million domestic workers throughout Mexico, so the number of registered is very minimal.

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