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North Mazatlan area with the highest growth in 2019

The lack of urban planning causes problems such as floods in a city

Mazatlan Sinaloa.-  The Municipal Public Works Directorate urged the Municipal Planning Institute (Implan) to regularize urban development in the north, without neglecting the regulations that seek sustainable development while respecting green areas.

In addition to the growth of the city, it is necessary to take care of the rain drainage that naturally exists, as well as generate roads that favor vehicular flow, explained by the director of Municipal Public Works Juan de Dios Garay.

He said that Implan was requested to observe the road and drainage project, mainly in the area between Peche Rice, Mario Huerta, Paseo del Pacífico and Doctor Carlos Canseco avenues mainly.

“That great polygon our request was that they analyze it and could establish a series of ordinances in terms of main roads and storm drainage that allows the development in that area to be ordered because Mazatlan suffers in that area of ​​the necessary provisions for things to work with safety and quality ”he explained.

He warned that there must be forthright in the areas in the future so that there is a harmonious development, something that did not happen in the development of our city in the past.

The fact that prevention does not occur in terms of urban planning implies major problems, such as the problems of flooding in Mazatlan.


For his part, the director of the Municipal Planning Institute Norberto Álvarez Romo, when being questioned about the projects that are being worked on in urban planning, without giving more details, only said that who would like to know what is being done by that institute, will review in the municipal development plan.

Source: el debate

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