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International Congress to analyze solutions to the pollution of the Lerma-Chapala basin

In view of the serious situation experienced by the communities of the Lerma-Chapala-Santiago basin due to the contamination of their waters, which damages their health and causes deaths, it is urgent that efforts be made to solve this problem that dates back many years, and for that reason, it will be analyzed in the 1st. International Congress of Environment, Health and Governance 2019, from which important contributions are expected to be sent to the three levels of government to apply the actions that correspond to them.

The above was stated by the deputies Jorge Eduardo González Arana, president of the Commission on Human Rights and Native Peoples; Arturo Lemus Herrera, president of the Commission of Hygiene, Public Health and Prevention of Addictions, and Oscar Arturo Herrera Estrada, president of the Commission of Administration and Legislative Planning, who have been in contact with the inhabitants of the riverside and who despite the proposals they have made to address that situation, there are no effective results.

Dr. Felipe Lozano Kasten, Director of the Public Health Laboratory of the University Center of Health Sciences of the University of Guadalajara, Dr. Guillermo García García, Head of the Area of ​​Information Nephrology of the Civil Hospital “Fray Antonio Alcalde”, Mtro. Luis Antonio Rocha Santos, researcher of the Division of Legal Studies of the U.deG. Enrique Lira Coronado, visitor of the populations affected by the contamination, Ramón Padilla Sánchez, governor of the indigenous community of the “cocas” in Atotonilquillo, as well as some relatives of people suffering from kidney disease or diabetes due to such contamination.

The medical specialists made the expositions of the effects of the diseases and the measures that need to be taken for their control and treatment. It was announced that the International Congress of Environment, Health and Governance 2019, will be held next Saturday from 10.00 in the Auditorium “Salvador Allende” of the University Center of Social Sciences and Humanities (CUCSH) of the U.deG.

Lake Chapala

On the other hand, the inhabitants of the affected populations narrated the efforts and efforts they have made to achieve solutions to their problems, from the state and federal governments without effective results, as well as the actions to support each other. Likewise, Vicente Paredes, of Rotary International in Mexico, referred to the participation that said the organization has had in the face of the social problems that are registered due to such contamination in the Basin and the shore of Lake Chapala.

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