Mexico senior adults baggers are not company workers says Walmart


The company said they work in thereWalmarts as part of an agreement signed with the National Institute of Older Adults.

Walmart de México clarified on Monday that seniors who work as packers in their branches are not employees of the company, and are part of an agreement signed with the National Institute of Older Adults (Inapam).

“Older adults who work at Walmart are part of a volunteer adult program. We signed an agreement with Inapam, they are not Walmart employees, it really is Inapam,” said Gabriela Buenrostro, deputy director of corporate communication at Walmart de México and Central America.

He explained that the program seeks is that people over 65 can have access to extra income in their units. They have insurance, which is provided by Inapam.

The agreement between the company and the institute is renewed every two years, he said.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said in his morning conference on November 8 that it was appropriate to investigate to the Secretary of Labor and Social Prevention (STPS) the conditions in which companies that hire senior citizens, including Walmart and Soriana.

Faced with the complaint that older adults working in the area do not receive salary apart from tips and if their government will do something about it, the federal president said that, being a labor justice situation, it must be resolved by the dependency to by Luisa María Alcalde.

“You must file a complaint for not paying a fair salary and that benefits are not given, that can be done … The Ministry of Labor must intervene, it will intervene because all human beings have the right to a fair salary is a right enshrined in the Constitution, “he said.

Source: el financiero

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