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Turtles “fall in love” with Puerto Peñasco

In 2019, 25 nests have been presented at different points; two have already hatched and the rest is under surveillance.

PUERTO PEÑASCO, Sonora.- For the third consecutive year, sea turtles returned to the “ Sandy Beach ” spa in Puerto Peñasco, to lay their eggs in four nests, said the head of the Terrestrial Federal Maritime Zone.

Luis César García González pointed out that the last 45 hatched turtles hatched on the beach and there are three more nests that remain under the care and protection of the Tortuguero Committee for their development.

He indicated that the release of the Quelonios was carried out by municipal authorities in coordination with the biologist Itzel Cárdenas, Zofemat and the Tourist Auxiliary Unit in the area certified as Clean Beach in “Sandy Beach”.

Three years ago they began to register nests in the beach ‘Sandy Beach’, we were investigating and looking for records of previous years of these events, but only a spawning was found in the beach ‘Encanto’, which is very far from the town center ” He exposed.

According to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, in Guaymas, hatching began to be registered consecutively between 2010 and 2011, at the San FranciscoLos AlgodonesMarina Real and La Manga beaches, in San Carlos, and the Miramar in the port.

During 2018, most of the nests were destroyed with the tropical cyclones that hit the Municipality and all-terrain vehicles that are mainly concentrated on the beaches of San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas.

This year 25 nests have been registered at different points of the local spas under the shelter of the Tortuguero Committee, of which two have already hatched and the rest continue with surveillance to prevent them from being stolen or damaged.

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