On the whim of the principal, she kicks out two poor children from grade school in Mazatlan

Although children are undisciplined, parents and students support them because they live in extreme poverty, and although they already received therapy to improve, a group of mothers gathered to demand that they be kicked out

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Through an anonymous complaint that came to Qué Pasa in Mazatlan, it was announced that the children Alexis “N” of second grade and Rodrigo “N” of third, were kicked out of school for indiscipline from the Melchor Ocampo Elementary School, which is located in the Esperanza neighborhood.

These children who do not exceed 10 years of age suffer from extreme poverty in their home, as well as some types of abuse, which is why they behave violently, and that is why they were being given free therapy.

However, a group of mothers, headed by the principal of the campus, Elva Luz Magaña, gathered to press for these children to be run out from the campus, denounced the writing anonymously.

“Children are undisciplined, but teachers already know that this happens frequently. Its not fair to treat this children this way when they have suffered so much, these are special children who have to be given special attention, ”they explained.

According to the Basic Protocol of intervention against child abuse in the family environment, these children must be given specialized attention and not excluded, so the campus director would be acting against this protocol.

So far there has been no statement on this issue by the authorities of the campus, so that parents who supported financially and with food to little Alexis and Rodrigo, are upset with the principal.

Source: que pasa en mazatlan

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