Mazatlan one of the best cities to live in Mexico according to study


The port located in Sinaloa had good numbers in areas of political leadership, quality of life, services, among others

Good news for the state of Sinaloa was given this weekend as one of its cities is located among the most habitable in Mexico.

In the ranking of the Most Livable Cities in Mexico 2019, prepared by the Strategic Communication Cabinet, Mazatlan was ranked 6th of 10 in the list of the best cities to live.

In this study in which 30 thousand 400 citizens of 76 capitals and cities from June to September 2019 were taken as a reference, the index of quality of life, satisfaction with municipal services was checked, mayors were evaluated and the level of social cohesion.

 Best cities to live in Mexico are:

1.          San Pedro Garza García

2.          Colima

3.          Merida

4.          San Nicolás de los Garza

5.          Saltillo

6.          Mazatlan

7.          Apodaca

8.          Chihuahua

9.          Aguascalientes

10.        Mexicali

Regarding the general index value per ruling party, it was Morena in Mazatlan who reached the highest level with 57.66 percent.

See the complete study of the Most Livable Cities in Mexico 2019, prepared by the Strategic Communication Cabinet HERE

In the quality of life by zone, two cities of Sinaloa stood out: Mazatlan with 70.48 and Culiacán with 70.12 points.

Quality of life includes the evaluation of overall satisfaction with life and aspects that influence individual life such as family, partner, economy, and housing among others.

In Social Cohesion it measured social cooperation and the union of a group defined in geopolitical terms, in which 5.94 Mazatlan was positioned in the 10th place.

The Index of Satisfaction with Municipal Services (ISACS), measured the satisfaction of the citizens with respect to the public services that they have in their localities, and in this list, Mazatlan was placed in the place 5 with 51.37 points.

The Mayors Evaluation Index (IDEALC), measured the perception that citizens have on the performance and leadership of the mayor, and in this area, Mazatlan was located with 48.13 points in place 8.

Source: Linea Directa, Gabinete de Comunicación Estratégica

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