45 rally competitors needed rescuing from river floods in Tabasco


Competitors of the Huimanguillazo rally, who were caught in the flood of several rivers in the Tabasco jungle, were rescued by villagers and Civil Protection

A total of 45 competitors of a rally were rescued alive after being caught in the sudden flood of rivers, among the Tabasco jungle.

The emergency began Friday night when residents of the ejido La Arena, in the municipality of Huimanguillo, 70 kilometers from the capital, rescued three pilots with “minor injuries” from the mud and the river.

Subsequently, on Saturday, 42 more, they were safeguarded by municipal and state rescuers.

Jorge Mier y Terán, Civil Protection coordinator in Tabasco, told reporters that the rescued competitors are from the states of Campeche, Oaxaca, Nuevo León, and Puebla, of which three are women, a minor and 41 men

“Everyone left fortunately in good condition and 15 other people decided to stay to lower the river levels so as not to leave their vehicles in place,” said Mier and Terán.

Inhabitants who live among the Huimanguillo mountain range, provided first aid and saved the rally participants, while a group of rescuers crossed five rivers grown to reach the group trapped between the mountain range.

“It was raining, the rivers grew and were trapped in the middle of the quagmire,” he said.

The group of 45 lost drivers of a total of 80, participate since Friday, with all-terrain cars and motorcycles, in the Rally “Huimanguillazo”, an open tourist route to promote the oil state of Tabasco.

Those affected were caught by the floodwaters of the rivers that did not allow them to leave and some people went astray inside the mountain range.

“Fortunately, they are people who are prepared for this type of competition,” said the official.

Mier and Terán, stressed that the participation of communities that protected the lost, was essential to avoid human losses.

Since last Friday, the passage of two cold fronts number 8 and 11, has left heavy rains over northern Chiapas and southern Tabasco.

Source: efe, el diario, informador, excelsior

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