There will be low temperatures due to winter storm in Mazatlan


In the next hours, the cold front number 12 will enter with a vortex of icy winds from the country’s border to northwestern Mexico

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The cold front number 12 will affect Mexico in the next few hours, so it will bring a winter storm to the country from the border of Chihuahua and Coahuila, as reported by the head of the Local Meteorological Conagua Hugo Nordahl Valdés, who highlighted low temperatures by a vortex of icy winds from the north to the northwest in the Pacific.

“From tomorrow, the Cold Front number 12 will begin to affect the country by the north of the border, and it is likely that a cold vortex is being associated that is approaching to the northwest by the north of Baja California, this will cause a drop in temperatures in most of the northwest and in the country, as it affects for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, “he said.

He explained that this winter effect will cause low-zero descents in the mountains of Chihuahua and Durango, creating a cyclone of icy winds invested in the atmosphere that will reach Sinaloa, Nayarit, Baja California, and Jalisco.

“Maybe early this morning, it is already approaching, because the models show that by late afternoon, the winds will begin to feel on the border of Chihuahua and Coahuila with that of the United States; the vortex is a circulation of winds at a high level, and that is what causes the surface to cool, it is like a cyclone in the height, but instead of producing rain, it is inverted to the cold air of the part of the atmosphere and lowered, ”he explained .

For the state of Sinaloa, and particularly for Mazatlan, temperatures will be drop to 20 degrees Celsius, due to the winds that the storm will be dragging in the north of the country.

“For the south of Sinaloa, winds could be felt from 20 to 35 kilometers per hour, starting Monday, and temperatures here in Mazatlan could be below 20 degrees,” Hugo Nordahl reported.

Source: conagua, reaccion informativa

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