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Sabotage of Mazatlan’s public lighting network

There are systematic actions of people who seek to harm Mazatlan and do not want to port

Mazatlan Sinaloa.- On Friday night, the staff of the City lighting department surprised two young people manipulating the switches of a circuit on the avenue of the sea that was dark for minutes, in the area between the Monument to the Fisherman and Banjercito.

The vandals when they were discovered fled leaving in place an artifact with which they managed to lower the switches.

Similar cases were recorded the same Friday night in other areas of the coastal promenade and Bahía Avenue.

The head of the department of public lighting, Angel Campillo, informed that the blackouts caused in different circuits of the boardwalk have been constant in recent weeks, so you can talk about a planned and repeated behavior that affects citizens and also the image from the port because the tourist area is dark.

Given this situation, the official asked the public to report through the Mazatlan App and even through the alert button if someone is observed manipulating the switches.

He added that on the instructions of the Chemical Mayor Benitez Torres the surveillance of the municipality is constant, however, citizen participation is necessary to achieve better results in the care of the city and the tourist image of the port.

SSPM implements operational to avoid it

People who are caught manipulating the public lighting circuits will be arrested warned the commander of the tourist police Hilario Gutiérrez Quiñones.

He mentioned that the municipal Public Security Secretariat implements a surveillance operation both day and night, to avoid another case such as that recorded on Friday night and that it affected several sections of the avenues of the Sea and Bay.

“We are implementing an operation; We have already detected all the points where the street lighting switches are located, which are being supervised, and all those who are handling the switches will be arrested for infraction to the Police and Good Government side and consigned to the competent authority, ”he said. .

The Commander of the Tourist Police attached to CAPTA, mentioned that sabotage to public lighting facilities has been frequent and that this is not exclusive to the boardwalk or tourist areas, but also in other parts of the city has been registered, so which urged citizens to denounce this type of behavior.

“We invite all citizens to report; if someone sees or knows of someone who incurs in this bad practice that harms the entire city, who denounces it even anonymously for us to act, ”he said.

He explained that whoever causes a blackout commits an infraction to the police and good government side, however, if damage is detected in the equipment then it is already typified as a crime.

He added that the complaint can be made through the Mazatlan App and the alert button for a more immediate reaction.

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