Learn about the Master Plan to modernize the port of Mazatlan


It basically consists of separating the tourist cruise terminal from the commercial cargo terminal and carrying out dredging smaller than the one promised during the Enrique Peña Nieto six-year term.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Integral Port Administration, API, in Mazatlan, is working on the modernization of the port through a scheme called Master Plan; a five-year projection program that includes infrastructure investments and dredging to increase efficiency and competitiveness in port terms.

Jorge González Olivieri, director of API Mazatlan, explained to Reacción Informativa that the project consists primarily of having two terminals for boats: one for tourist cruises and another for commercial cargo. Currently, there is only one space for both activities, which explained that it is not viable since when a cruise ship arrives in Mazatlan the loading and unloading maneuvers stop and this has an impact on operating costs, which ends up reducing the profitability of the port.

“The Master Plan that we have is that we are making an investment program that we started next year to give cruise ships a place, so that the cruise ships have their space and so that the merchant ships – that handle the cargo – have their space and that way jobs, both cargo and the movement of people, are safe and efficient, ”he said.

Thus, it is intended to have three exclusive cruise docks, of which two will be built: there will be two on the Stone Island and the other will be in the current boat terminal. It should be noted that these stations will have international standards for cruises, such as docks of 300 meters and dredging of 9.5 meters.

“Already with that we have a 100 percent functional port in two of the businesses that the port has: commercial and tourist cargo,” he said.

Regarding the dredging of the port, he stressed that this work will be done, but not as the one that had been promised during the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto (which promised up to 15.2 meters deep and an investment of 1.3 billion pesos) but a 42 ft deep rectification draft (12.8 meters) that will require a maximum investment of 800 million pesos.

With this, the leader of the administration of the local port argues that Mazatlan could already increase its cargo transportation capacity and be more efficient and profitable compared to other ports, adding that, in addition to this, it also works on a transport route intermodal that allows moving the merchandise by truck between Mazatlan and Durango and by rail between Durango and Monterrey.

“With that, we achieved efficiency in the port, we achieved better transportation costs and we could have more cargo; the plan is that this is working next year, ”he said.

In addition to the draft and the separation of the terminals, it is sought to repair a ferry dock, remodel the building of the old ferry terminal and convert it into the New Tourist Cruise Plaza, make adjustments at the jetty and create a damping system for the surf.

Jorge González Olivieri said that there are no exact deadlines for the completion of these works, but he said he is confident that within these five years (before 2024) they can be a reality.

Source: reaccion informativa

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