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In the study of the Most Habitable Cities of Mexico 2019, quality of life, social cohesion, the satisfaction of services and evaluation of mayors were analyzed to determine the list.

San Pedro Garza García

The five cities considered the most habitable in the country, in terms of quality of life, social cohesion, the satisfaction of services and evaluation of mayors, is San Pedro Garza García, Colima, Mérida Yucatan, San Nicolás de los Garza, and Saltillo.

Merida Yucatan

According to the study of the Most Habitable Cities of Mexico 2019 , prepared by the Strategic Communication Cabinet, the five worst-rated cities are Ecatepec, first, followed by Tehuacán, Othón P. Blanco, Victoria, Tamaulipas and Puebla.

The document specifies that in the case of Mexico City, the best-evaluated municipalities, also in order of importance are: Venustiano Carranza, Benito Juárez, Iztapalapa, Cuajimalpa, and Miguel Hidalgo.

The president of the firm, Liébano Sánz and the general director, Federico Berrueto, explained that for the preparation of the study, 30,400 Mexicans from the 76 most populous cities in the country were interviewed, including the 16 mayors of Mexico City.

In addition to the quality of life, they asked about three other indices that influence the daily life of the inhabitants: social cohesion, evaluation of mayors and satisfaction with municipal services. In addition, the opinion of the people about the possibility of recommending to others the place where they live was collected.

Regarding the Quality of Life Index, which measures the satisfaction of people with aspects that influence their individual life such as family, couple, economy and housing, education, current work and where they live, San Pedro Garza García occupied the first place.

When making a comparison with the measurement of the previous year, San Pedro Garza García, Saltillo and San Nicolás de los Garza repeat as the cities with the best rates, while La Paz and Chihuahua this year replace Hermosillo and Guadalupe in the first places.

While Chimalhuacán, Ecatepec, Tláhuac, and Nezahualcóyotl repeat the five main ones with the lowest quality of life, Tehuacán is incorporated and Milpa Alta leaves.

According to the methodology used, 30,400 citizens over 18 years of age who have a telephone line in their home were interviewed; 400 interviews were conducted in each of the locations, from May 29 to September 25. (Ntx.)


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