From homemade cakes to hotels, Grupo Panama presents its new real estate project: Cabo Carena in Mazatlan

Luis Osuna Vidaurri reports that it will be a complex with gastronomic center, cinemas, hospital, gym, offices and a Hilton Garden Inn chain hotel

As part of the diversification of its business portfolio, Grupo Panama presented its new real estate project Cabo Carena, which will be located in the Mazatlan Marina and will be a complex with gastronomic center, cinemas, hospital, gym, offices and a Hilton chain hotel Garden Inn “Mazatleco style”.

Luis Osuna Vidaurri, CEO of Grupo Panama, announced that the work began in March 2019, and it is expected that by September of next year, the first restaurants will already be in operation.

“It is a project as a shopping center, but it is a gastronomic center surrounded by lakes, what will they live there ?: seven first-class restaurants with capacity for 300-350 people each, from different regional and national brands,” he explained before the tour operators who participated in the 2019 edition of the Fiesta Amigos de Mazatlán.

About the Hilton Garden Inn hotel, the businessman explained that he will have 120 rooms, which Grupo Panama seeks to add to the efforts to increase and improve the infrastructure of the port’s lodging.

This project adds to others that this corporate already has underway, such as the Microtel of the city of Culiacán, which consists of 120 rooms and is focused on business tourism; as well as The Palms Resort of Mazatlan in the Golden Zone, of 190 rooms, of which the second tower is under construction, designed as a 70-room boutique hotel.

The history

Grupo Panama has its origins in Mazatlan in the year of 1970, when the couple formed by Ignacio Osuna and Olivia Vidaurri owned the grocery store El Canal de Panamá, where they made homemade cakes to sell them in their business and in other stores. The success of the cakes led them to open restaurants in combination with the patisseries, first in the port and then throughout the state. Grupo Panama also offers high specialty cuisine at the Cayenna de Culiacán restaurant and the banquet service at La Casona de la Machado in Mazatlan.

But since 2018, they started the “hotel adventure” that, according to Luis Osuna, is not far from its essence of working for the client and offering new service experiences.

Cabo Carena Location

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