Corona beer will be produced outside of Mexico for the first time in history

Anheuser Busch InBev began to brew this beer outside of Mexico to be able to supply the high demand it has worldwide.

Corona beer had lost the Mexican flag after its sale to AB InBev, but now its “DNA” will leave some Aztec features, as it was announced that it will stop producing exclusively in the country.

AB InBev has decided to produce Corona in other plants in the world for the first time in history, given the increase in demand outside of Mexico.

Model Group sources said that from the first half of the year the production of Corona beer in China was warned. In addition, Carlos Brito, CEO of the company, said in a conference with analysts that the installed capacity in Mexico is no longer sufficient to meet the growing demand for this beer in the world.

“Corona, our most premium global brand, continued to offer very solid results with 21.1% revenue growth outside of Mexico (in the third quarter of 2019). The brand continues to grow with strong double digits, with solid results from South Africa and Western Europe as well, ”said Brito.

The manager explained that they began to elaborate Corona locally in certain markets where it is growing rapidly.

“Each brewery set produced by Corona will maintain the brand’s legacy following exactly the same brewing process used in Mexico for more than 90 years. Brewing Corona locally allows us to increase market availability, better serve our consumers and reduce our carbon footprint through more streamlined logistics. We remain committed to bringing Corona’s unique and refreshing face to consumers worldwide, ”he said.

The CEO of the company said that in every brewery that begins to produce Corona worldwide, they have a Mexican brewmaster who oversees the process.

“We take care that you have the same manufacturing process, the same raw materials and continue with the same legacy of the brand. And as you know, many of our global brands, international brands are made locally as Budweiser in China, Stella Artois in Brazil, Bud Light in Mexico. Therefore, it is not unknown, ”he explained.

One in three beers sold in Mexico are Corona, according to external studies cited by the brewing company.

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