Camino al Mar condominium tower construction is suspended by Mazatlan planning directorate

Important omissions were found regarding security

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Mazatlan Sinaloa.-As a result of an inspection carried out by the Municipal Planning Directorate, in which important omissions were found in terms of safety in the Camino al Mar project, suspension seals were placed on the site by the municipality.

The owner of the area, Jorge Estavillo Kelly, informed that when he was aware of the facts in which a construction worker lost his life in an accident recorded on Tuesday in that work, a commission office was issued to access and inspect the place.

“We did the procedure of going through the entire installation of the work (…) we found a lack of security, they did not have the work logbook as the regulations mark, we proceeded according to the law to suspend the work until this is clarified.”

He added that safety omissions were found in the project, such as the lack of harnesses for workers and clear openings without mechanisms for a worker to stop in the event of a fall, as happened in this case.

“They must also have the clean construction, the clean work area of ​​any instrument that can cause a worker to slip and not being so we decided to act until this is regularized.”

Estavillo Kelly, informed that the municipality, through the Planning Department, is waiting for a response to the observations made to determine the status of the work in the coming days.

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