We are going to transform Mazatlan say Mayor

1st year in office informational report of his administrations works.

There were almost 3,500 people who gathered on the esplanade to which he gave his traditional speech about the order in the city, in finances, in expenses and support for people who have less, and again presumed the saving of more than 400 million pesos. As well as support for sports, young people with scholarships through IMJU and in the Municipal DIF System.

The report was the complete chapter of those who have presumed and / or informed since the beginning of their management as municipal mayor.

We first gave ourselves the task of putting the house in order first, making the Municipal Power respect itself, not being any more hostage to any local factual power, first line of action, an indispensable first step, no doubt, to govern by forcing us to citizens, to all, without distinction, to observe compliance with our laws.

He added that the fight against opacity in the exercise of government, a very common characteristic of the previous administrations and the best ally of corruption, was the second line of work.

“The transparency with which the new administration is carried out, the origin, management and application of public resources make a visible contrast with the habits of the past,” he said.

The Mayor stressed that another of the objectives met in his first year of management, is the consolidation of municipal finances, with the challenge of maintaining and increasing public works without incurring new indebtedness, a hallmark of previous governments.

In the search for significant savings, the collection increased and spending was reduced, all to generate surpluses required to guide social spending to the most vulnerable, forgotten, invisible sectors; that was our third great goal of government, and it will be until the end of the administration

At the end of his speech after presenting his first government report, the mayor of Mazatlan Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres said that his work and that of his entire cabinet are on the right path to transform the municipality as he has promised on different occasions.

The municipal president said he accepts criticism as long as they are constructive and regarding his work as mayor, as the fact of traveling to Mexico to promote the carnival ..

I do not accept criticism when they seek to cause harm just for causing it. Just a blind man, a myopic, does not see what happened yesterday in Mexico City, so you know what I mean.

He said that the attacks on his government and bad comments are also bad for Mazatlan and what he would let go is teaming up for the good of our city.

Benítez Torres said that those who should do the tourism promotion of Mazatlan with 3 percent of revenue from lodging are not minimized.

I don’t see that resource. I ask you to tell me where that resource is, how you promote Mazatlan and we are not going to stand idly by, we cannot, the city would never forgive me. So with him without the secretary (SECTUR), with the Government of the State or without him we are going to promote Mazatlan.

Asked about the dependencies that were not mentioned in his report as the hospital, he said that at the beginning of his management there were problems
with the supply of medicines, but that is already a topic that is being overcome.

The mafia is so hard on the purchase and sale of medicines, that it took us a year to practically end that, but today there is no lack of medicines and the truth is that I wanted to abbreviate and finally I said the most important, because finally all addresses or paramunicipales are linked and are important, such as Ecology and Inmujer.

Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres said that next year you will see the transformation of Mazatlan and thus will fulfill his word of being the best mayor in the history of the city.

The Mazatlan Post